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Keeping the Air Cleaner

Breathing in polluted and contaminated air can be a giant burden to your health. It may seem reasonable to assume most of these issues are associated with being outside because of things like exhaust fumes, pollen, smoke, and countless other toxins swirling into the air. The truth is a bit more frightening. The air in your home is much dirtier than the air outside. The reason is that our homes can act as a trap for harmful contaminants and pollutants if it’s not properly cleaned, cared for, or vented.

The experts at Steemer of South Florida have a few tips for a more natural way of dealing with indoor air quality. Check out our list below for the best ways to improve your homes oxygen without using a bunch of cleaning chemicals.

  1. Open the Windows
    By by far the easiest way you can improve your homes air quality is by none other than opening up a few windows and letting air naturally flow in and out. A quick 5 minutes can help air out the accumulation of harmful pollutants that are building up indoors and the UV rays from the sun break down airborne pathogens and clean the air naturally.
  2. Purify with Indoor Plants
    Like we said earlier, outdoor air on average is much cleaner than indoor air. One of the reasons for that is simple: plants & trees. Certain plants can really help you out at home, such as the Areca Palm which is effective at reducing benzene and formaldehyde. Check out our list of the indoor plants you should have in your home here.
  3. Create your own cleaning spray
    Spraying a bunch of chemicals inside your home is never good, and they can be extremely harmful for kids and pets. Instead, with just a bit of vinegar and water mixed into a spray bottle, you can have a simple yet effective DIY cleaning spray, just add in your favorite essential oil to mask that vinegar smell and your ready. Vinegar is great as a stain remover and sanitizer. Not only that but it’s friendly for practically any surface. Just to be sure, check in with your furniture care guide before you begin any deep cleaning.
  4. A clean pet, a cleaner home
    If you’re a pet owner than you know how quickly one mess can lead to multiple, especially if your furry friend IS the mess. Also, pets constantly leave behind pet dander, small dandruff like particles that can cause allergies. Not to mention pet hair itself seems to end up in every crevice. In order to maintain dander and loose hair, make sure your pets are being groomed or cleaned regularly.

A clean home is a healthy home from top to bottom. Make sure your family is breathing and living healthy. Call Steemer of South Florida for the ultimate clean!


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