Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever considered saving your company time and money by hiring professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning services? Stanley Steemer has the equipment and experience needed to keep your office, facility or campus looking neat, clean and professional.

Every business needs to make a great first impression on new customers and present a reliable, attentive appearance to the established clientele. This frees up your employees to handle the day-to-day work and meet or greet incoming clients. It provides fewer distractions and allows them to concentrate on the work they were hired for. Employees work harder and better in a bright, inviting atmosphere that smells clean and looks well maintained. Prospective clients and customers appreciate the attention to detail and trust their needs will receive the same consideration.

Professional carpet cleaners take care of the sweeping, vacuuming and deep cleaning to lengthen the life of your rugs and carpets. Hiring a cleaning company, such as Stanley Steemer, reduces maintenance costs on expensive cleaning equipment and detergents. This also reduces the need to repair the machinery. Scheduled care also eliminates storage issues because we bring in the necessary equipment allowing you to use the space to grow your business.

Our professionals use their skills and experience to provide quality services for every job. Customized schedules and regular maintenance that suit your business takes the stress out of worrying about the small details. By maintaining a clean, healthy environment for you, your staff and your customers, you reduce sick days and improve overall morale.

Give your business the attention and care required with professional commercial carpet cleaning services. Call Stanley Steemer for customized care options and save your company the time and money involved with maintenance and care.


We recommend light vacuuming prior to our carpet cleaning crew arriving, but it is not required. Our technicians can vacuum the areas to be cleaned if requested; however, our state-of-the-art equipment will be vacuuming throughout the entire cleaning process. Our crew will also move furniture with no extra charge and return it to its rightful place after the carpet cleaning is complete. If you have any fragile items to protect, please move those to a safe place before our crew arrives. We will not move certain items such as pianos, china cabinets, beds, dressers or pool tables. Please discuss any items you are unsure of with our technicians before the visit.
A: Our certified cleaning crew spends about 20 minutes cleaning each room. However, this time varies depending on the amount of furniture that may need to be moved, how deeply soiled the carpet is and any need for spot removal treatments.
A: The time span for complete carpet drying after a cleaning varies depending on the humidity, temperature and air flow in the area. Typically, the carpet will take between 8-24 hours to completely dry. You can turn on fans and the air conditioning or heating to speed up the drying time. After the cleaning is complete, you are free to walk on your carpet even if it is damp, but you should not do so wearing shoes as this may re-soil your carpet. Do not remove the protective blocks placed under furniture legs until the carpet is completely dry to avoid a possible color transfer.
A: Our certified technicians employ hot water extraction with advanced cleaning equipment to remove even the toughest, deepest dirt and debris. Hot water with our specially formulated cleaning solution is injected deep into the carpet fibers and then a powerful suction draws dirt, allergens, bacteria, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture back out. Our technicians use carpet deodorizers to neutralize odors by eliminating them at the source, and they also apply professional-strength carpet protecting agents to help safeguard against future spills, dirt and daily wear. The carpet protector will extend the life of your carpet, eliminate pesky static build up and allow you to enjoy a clean carpet for a longer period of time. For trouble areas that need extra attention, our technicians can provide spot cleaning treatments to restore your carpet’s condition.
A: Regular, professional carpet cleanings are the best way to extend the life of your carpet and keep it in its best condition. Stanley Steemer recommends professional commercial carpet cleaning services every 6-12 months depending on the activity level of your work environment.
A: Stanley Steemer of South Florida strives to provide the cleanest environment for you and your employees. We will work with you to ensure our expert cleaning services complement your business schedule and target trouble areas. We are not satisfied with the cleaning service until you are.