Water Extraction Services and More From Stanley Steemer

A flood can destroy your home in a matter of hours. Whether flooding occurs because of a storm or a broken pipe, water damage and flooding can ruin your floors and furniture if it is not dealt with immediately. When an emergency occurs, call Stanley Steemer our water extraction services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to the National Water Service, despite local and federal efforts to mitigate flood hazards and regulate development in flood-prone locations, flood damage in the United States has increased. Water damage is dangerous to the structure of your home; it can tarnish floors, destroy furniture, and create a breeding ground for micro-bacterial growth.  The path to restoration begins with Stanley Steemer’s water extraction services. We have years of experience in water damage restoration and can help you reclaim your home from the aftermath of a flood.

When you contact our 24-hour hotline you will be directed to a water damage specialist. The specialist will schedule your water extraction and flood damage restoration services, and you should expect our technicians at your home within an hour. To reduce as much water damage as you can before our technicians arrive, you should move furniture to a dry area and avoid walking on wet carpets and rugs.

When our technicians arrive they will survey the situation and make sure to tailor our water extraction services to your needs. They will pay special attention to the problem areas inside your home and make sure that they are given the proper amount of care. For more information on Stanley Steemer’s water extraction services, call us today to speak with a specialist at (888) 982-3553.