Water Damage Repair in West Palm Beach

According to Water Damage Defense, approximately 14,000 people in the United States experience a water damage emergency at home or while at work every day, and about 37% of U.S. homeowners claim to have suffered losses from water damage. Insurance companies report that these claims can run up a cost of over two billion dollars every year. For all your water damage repair needs, call Stanley Steemer at 888-982-3553. We have years of knowledge and expertise, and can help you minimize your flood damage.

Research shows that mold grows within 24 hours of flooding if standing water is not taken care of. When you call Stanley Steemer, our technicians will be on the scene within the hour. We understand how invaluable time is when it comes to water damage repair and strive to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your furniture, floors and the structure of your home are all at risk when standing water is left alone. Just a day of standing water can destroy walls and flooring and create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When flooding occurs, the water can often be contaminated depending on the source. Contaminated water can cause serious illness if you are exposed to it—by not acting quickly you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

The technicians at Stanley Steemer can help you reclaim your home when flooding occurs. Our water damage repair services not only extract standing water, but help put a stop to bacterial growth. Through our specialized techniques that combine the use of fans and dehumidifiers, we reduce the humidity in the air and dry up any excess moisture in the atmosphere. This helps your home become a healthy environment again and also helps to minimize water damage to furniture.

For more information on our water damage repair services call us today at 888-982-3553.