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S. FL: Ready for Summer?

The temperatures are rising and it’s starting to feel like we’re all in a swamp. The summer is upon us! But are you and your home ready for the intense shift in seasonality? While you stay indoors to beat the heat, make sure your home is as ready as you are.

Steemer of South Florida knows what the start of summer really means. More bugs, more storms, and more work for your A/C and HVAC system. Get ready now so that you aren’t worrying about in the middle of a boiling summer day. Read along and see what we believe to be the most important things to prepare heading into the summer months!

Checkup on your HVAC

This is hands down most important thing you can do heading into summer. Trust us, or any Floridian who has endured it, you do not want the A/C to break in the middle of June. Double check your HVAC, or AC system, and make sure it is running without a hitch. This is the time you want to find any issues and correct them before they arise. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable when your AC is no longer able to blow cold air, it can actually be a health concern for everyone, especially for kids and the elderly. By simply changing your air filter monthly and keeping up with system maintenance you can keep you’re A/C system in peak mechanical condition. For a completely thorough inspection and deep clean of your air conditioning unit call Steemer of South Florida.

Block out the Bugs

In the middle of winter, bugs tend to pack it in and hibernate until the warm months of summer roll back around. According to San Juaquin Pest Control “[insects] decide the best way to hold out the cold is to camp in your home…the minute it starts warming up, the bugs of summer will begin to flock to your area”. The thought of a bunch of insects awakening within the walls of your home should scare you into preventing them from entering your living space at all costs. Check the caulking and sealant along the windows and doors and replace any word down or damaged seals. Be extra careful leaving out old food and dishes to prevent any unnecessary sightings and if possible, spray the outdoor perimeter of your home with a repellant. Just be sure to take any pets and children into consideration when using chemical based products.

Ward off Water Damage

Summer in South Florida is nearly a year-round thing. But this time of year, really means it’s the start of hurricane season and overall the start of more and more rain showers and storms. If your home has a basement, assess it for any possible leaks or damage that could allow water to flow in and create irreversible damage. Additionally, just like with bug prevention, make sure all entrances and windows to your home are properly sealed. Furthermore, test your gutters by using a garden hose to make sure water is flowing the way it should be and there aren’t any blockages or buildup. If you’re able to safely check your roof, look for any cracks, missing pieces, or decay. If any issues are found, you may need a professional. In the event that your home endures water damage call the team at Steemer of South Florida to assess and fix the situation immediately, 24/7.

The Summer season is back. Get your home ready now to prevent any issues from occurring. Call Steemer of South Florida for all your water restoration and cleaning needs.


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