The Most Common Threat from Severe Weather: Power Outages

Hurricane Matthew may have weakened and drifted far out into the Atlantic Ocean, but many homeowners and businesses in South Florida are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm, including power outages that stretch all along the east coast of the state. In fact, since Hurricane Matthew impacted the area, Florida Power and Light reported roughly 1.2 million customers across Florida experienced power interruptions and extended outages. As homeowners and businesses regain power, HVAC unit repair and air duct cleaning may be in order as life begins to resume as normal.

South Florida relies heavily on central air conditioning to keep cool not only in the summer, but in the fall months as well when hurricane season is at its peak. Stanley Steemer offers insight for those who are wondering how power outages in their home or office affect their air duct cleaning schedule they may have had in place.

Air Duct Cleaning After Power Outages

Power outages from storms of this severity are often due to high winds and extensive flooding.  They can cause damage to you air conditioning unit, and not only to the outside components but interior mechanisms as well. Heavy rain can seep into the crawl spaces and attics of homes, spawning bacteria and mold growth within your ductwork. With heavy rain comes flooding, which can cause sewage overflow that produces additional bacteria that may be circulated in your air ducts. The more bacteria and mold your air ducts are subject to, the more contaminated your indoor air quality becomes. Air duct cleaning eliminates the mold and bacteria that flooding produces if your ducts become infiltrated with water.

Contact Stanley Steemer for Air Duct Cleaning in South Florida

If you experience a power outage, call the professionals at Stanley Steemer to come inspect your HVAC unit and air ducts. Our air duct cleaning services can offer you peace of mind knowing there are no contaminants being circulated throughout your home from sediment or water buildup following a power outage. Our technicians are certified with the National Air Duct Cleaning Association and thoroughly clean your entire ventilation system in entirety. Contact us today!