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Tidy Up in Time for the Holidays

One of the most meaningful parts of the holiday season is spending quality time with family and friends. However, opening your home to loved ones may be easier said than done. To make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home, follow these tips to tidy up in time for the holidays.

Make Room for Guests by Decluttering

The first step in tidying up is ridding the house of unnecessary clutter, which will make room for your guests that plan to stay overnight and provide a more welcoming space for holiday activities. The living and dining rooms will need the most tidying up because they are often center stage for holiday parties, family meals, gifts and decorations. A little bit of energy spent decluttering will reduce stress, give you a feeling of control in your home and let you be free to fully enjoy the holiday festivities.

Tackle Pet Hair and Dander

Furniture and upholstery covered in pet hair and dander can cause your guests discomfort and even allergic reactions. Prepare your home by vacuuming furniture thoroughly and using a lint roller on pillows to tidy up your pet’s shedding coat. Also, try to give your pets a bath or take them to a professional groomer a day before you are expecting guests to reduce shedding and help keep their coats healthy. Continuing this effort throughout the holiday season is thoughtful of your guests while still including your loved pets in holiday events.

Focus on Those Sweet Holiday Scents

Pumpkin pie, newly-cut pine trees, hot chocolate and freshly baked sugar cookies are just some of the most cherished seasonal smells that help set the holiday mood. In order to maximize the effect of all these delightful scents, your indoor air needs to be clean. Since air circulates less in the colder months as we generally spend more time indoors, your home’s air quality may be suffering. Dirty air filters will aggravate allergies and asthma and cause a debris build-up that can lead to mold growth. Ensure breathable, high-quality air in your home by replacing your air filters before the holiday season begins. Along with regularly replacing air filters, a professional air duct cleaning will quickly restore easy breathing with long-lasting healthy air beyond the holiday season.

Create a Clean Slate with Finished Floors

Investing in a professional carpet, hardwood, tile and grout cleaning will do wonders for your home. The results will surely impress holiday guests and almost entirely rid your home of allergens, such as dust, pollen, imbedded dirt and pet dander. Your floors will incur heavy traffic, food crumbs and winter weather trackings throughout the holiday season. Protect and preserve the quality of your carpeting and floors by getting a professional cleaning before the guests arrive. A fresh-smelling, allergen-free surface will make your home the perfect entertaining space come holiday season.

Celebrate the Holidays in a Clean Home with the Help of Stanley Steemer of South Florida

When making your tidying up to-do list, be sure that calling Stanley Steemer of South Florida is a top priority. Stanley Steemer of South Florida will take the burden of preparing your home for the holidays off your shoulders by providing a complete selection of expert cleaning services for your entire home. Stanley Steemer provides a multi-service package to cover carpet, tile and hardwood cleaning services that will outperform anything you can do on your own. Get back to enjoying the best parts of the holidays and leave the cleaning to the experts at Stanley Steemer of South Florida. Call (888) 982-3553 or visit our website for a free holiday cleaning quote today.


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