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Plan Ahead and Prepare Your Business For a Flood

Do not sit and wait for an impending storm or hurricane to arrive at your business’s front door. A hurricane, tropical storm or depression can leave your business with expensive water damage and equipment loss. There are many actions you can take ahead of the projected storm’s arrival to ready your office and ensure your employees will be safe. Here are some things you can do immediately to prepare your business for a flood.

Do These Things Now to Prepare Your Business for a Flood

  • Protect electronics, such as computers and other valuable devices, by covering and securing them with plastic garbage bags and moving them from windows and doors. Make sure all electronics are off of the floor to avoid potential flood waters.
  • Relocate any office machines, furnishings, books, plants and miscellaneous supplies to the innermost portion of your office.
  • Invest in and organize installation of window and door shutters or plywood to protect your business from wind-borne debris that can damage your property.
  • Trim down or contact a landscape company to remove any branches, shrubbery or bushes that could damage your office in strong wind.
  • Turn off all office utilities prior to the storms arrival.
  • If you have company vehicles, make sure they are stored at a safe location on higher ground.
  • Back up important documents and files electronically.

Have a Plan in Place for Your Staff

  • As a business owner, one of your priorities should be making sure all your employees are fully informed on what to do if a storm strikes. Sit down with your staff and work out the best way to safely approach the storm conditions with their workplace responsibilities. Establish an emergency communication line and contact train so everyone has status reports and the information they need.
  • Review your property insurance to ensure all policies are valid and that you will be covered if a disaster strikes. Store these and other important documents in watertight containers.
  • Pay close attention to weather and local authority announcements so everyone is aware of when they need to leave the area.
  • Write and implement hurricane procedures to protect business property when the time comes.
  • Disperse an evacuation plan to all employees and make sure everyone knows proper evacuation and alternative routes.
  • Have an emergency storm kit at all times if your office is located in a high-risk region. Batteries, portable radios, first aid supplies, can openers, non-perishable food, water bottles, cash and any essential medications should be included in a preparedness kit. It will give you piece of mind to know you have disaster supplies on hand in case of an emergency.

Protect Your Business by Calling Stanley Steemer of South Florida

After a storm strikes, contact Stanley Steemer of South Florida for emergency commercial water restoration services. Our certified specialists understand the urgency of flood water damage and arrive on scene with the most powerful and advanced equipment. For decades, Stanley Steemer has been the name to trust when it comes to restoring businesses from water damage, as each of our water restoration specialists have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Prepare for a flood by writing Stanley Steemer of South Florida’s phone number, (888) 982-3553, in your business’s storm plan before a flood strikes.


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