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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of a Clean and Organized Home

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of a Clean and Organized Home

Every December 31st we commit to a New Year’s resolution of keeping our homes clean and organized. Even with the best of intentions, our homes quickly revert to being disorganized and overcome with clutter. Sticking to this New Year’s resolution past January may seem daunting, but there are many strategies you can use to get and stay organized all year long. Here are some tips on keeping your house clean and organized well into the New Year.

Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

Make yourself accountable to this New Year’s resolution by sticking to a home cleaning schedule. Designate a time of day that works best with your schedule or commit to one day a week for decluttering and other cleaning duties. Even a 10 minute or half-hour time slot factored into your schedule can help create more attainable goals to keep you on track.  Using a timer and limiting your cleaning to smaller portions can help pace yourself and keep you motivated to clean all year long.

Make a Cleaning Checklist

Break down cleaning your entire home into smaller projects with a cleaning checklist for each room. Write down tasks with the time and day you will be routinely returning to that cleaning duty. Creating a cleaning checklist for each household project will help you track progress, accomplish tasks and build momentum to continue working on your New Year’s resolution.

Get the Family Involved

Assign every member of your household specific cleaning duties so everyone is involved and has responsibilities. Creating a team effort will help keep this New Year’s resolution present in everyone’s minds and more achievable as they’re pitching in to help. Give children small tasks that they know how to do, or can be taught, and remember to reward them for accomplishing their weekly cleaning goals.

Know When to Ask for Help – Stanley Steemer of South Florida

Be realistic about your clean home goal, and if you find yourself falling behind and need help to get back on track, then call the home cleaning experts at Stanley Steemer of South Florida. Stanley Steemer of South Florida provides cleaning services that outperform anything you could do on your own, with advanced equipment, asthma and allergy-friendly cleaning solutions and certified technicians. Stanley Steemer of South Florida can help you tackle those big projects and achieve your cleanest home ever. Our technicians are trained in carpet, hardwood, furniture, tile and grout, air duct cleaning and water damage services. Talk to a Stanley Steemer of South Florida representative today by calling (888) 982-3553.


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