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How Does Humidity Affect Airducts in South Florida Homes?

Anyone who lives in South Florida know it gets hot, especially in the summer. Along with that heat Floridians also feel the humidity. Have you ever wondered how that humidity may affect the airducts in your home? What happens when the humidity hits your airducts and how does it affect you? Let’s take a look at the ways humidity can damage your airducts and home.

Humidity in Your Home

The cold air from your air conditioner and the warm, humid air form condensation. The colder the air, the more the water will condense. That condensation sits on the surface of your air conditioner’s ductwork and drips. Damage from the dripping can start in your attic with the water getting on your insulation and causing it to compress, affecting its ability to insulate your home. The condensation can also drip onto your ceiling or drywall causing leaks or drywall rot. Also, condensation on the ductwork can cause high humidity levels inside the home which can lead to mold inside the airducts which can lead to health problems. If your airducts are not properly maintained, overtime this could cause major damage to your health and your home.

Condensation on Ductwork

Sometimes, it’s not just the humidity that causes condensation. It can also be caused by other problems like poor insulation, blocked ducts, dirty air filters as well as the humidity. However, there are some easy solutions that you can try to resolve the problem. The simplest way to prevent humidity is to change your air filters regularly.  To get the humidity in your home under control you may want to consider installing a dehumidifier. If you have musty odors or foggy windows in your home, it is likely caused by humidity, and you may need a dehumidifier to help prevent this problem. It is more common with older AC units, but a dehumidifier should still be considered even if you have a newer unit when you see the signs of humidity showing up in your home. You should always consult an expert if you believe you have any major damage to your airducts.

The easiest way to prevent major problems is to have your airducts cleaned. Stanley Steemer is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction from the Angie’s List air duct division. Stanley Steemer’s certified technicians clean your entire ventilation system, including the HVAC unit, blower, evaporator coil as well as the individual air ducts from the vent covers to the main trunk line. Our airduct cleanings dislodge and remove dirt which helps to ensure that your ventilation system is working efficiently.

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