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Healthy Home Habits from Stanley Steemer

We all know it can be difficult to keep your home clean during the week. You get home from work and just want to kick back and relax. The longer you wait to clean your home, the more the situation magnifies. No one wants to spend time cleaning when you could be enjoying your weekend plans. Sadly, your home isn’t going to clean itself. That doesn’t mean cleaning has to feel like a chore. At Steemer of South Florida, we want to help you create a routine so keeping your home clean feels like second nature.

Tip 1: Clean during commercial breaks. Small tasks can be completed during this time whereas larger tasks can be broken out over a longer period of time, like during the halftime show of a football game.

Tip 2: Create an attack plan. At some point, your routine is going to turn into a habit. However, in the beginning it is best to create a room guide for how you want to go about cleaning. Ask yourself, “What should I tackle first?” Perhaps you would rather focus on your bathrooms every other day for only 5 – 15 minutes. Your routine could look like this:

• Bathroom check-up and wipe down: 5 mins
• Counter and table wipe down: 5 mins
• Hardwood and tile sweep: 5 mins

It’s up to you how much time you want to devote each day to cleaning. 10 minutes a day will do wonders for you and your home, and you’ll also prevent every day messes from getting out of control.

The next thing you’ll want to do is curate all the cleaning supplies you’re going to need. Make sure that you check your furniture’s care guide when cleaning hardwood and custom upholstery. With your cleaning plan all set up and your supplies in order you’ll be able to go room to room in a flash without any extra back and forth.

We love cleaning but understand most people aren’t thrilled when they think about it. If you are at the point where the mess is so overwhelming you feel it’s unbearable, give us a call and we can take all the stress out of the equation for you.


All of the regional Stanley Steemer locations are part of a nationwide network.
Each and every home carpet cleaning service is performed in the same manner, so customers know what to expect when they call for subsequent visits by the company’s representatives.
Customer satisfaction ranks very high with this company, particularly when it comes to respecting private property and attention to detail.

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