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The Guide to Managing Your Chores

Is there anyone out there who loves chores? The answer is most likely no. Chores can be time-consuming and exhausting after a long day or week. At Steemer of South Florida, we want to provide you with quick, simple steps to make time consuming cleaning tasks fit easier into your life.

By delegating tasks throughout the week, you’ll be able to free up your time on the weekends. Your weekends should be spent relaxing with friends and family, but, instead, we usually find ourselves fishing dishes out of the sink and folding laundry. Before you know it, your Saturday is no longer yours. You’ll create more time for yourself over the weekend if you divide your tasks throughout the week. Perhaps you delegate certain days to wash and fold your laundry, run the dishwasher, and wipe down your counters. This way you’ll have more time to relax during the weekend.

Chores don’t have to be tedious or boring. Including the whole family can be beneficial to you as well as your kids. Let your children try to tackle some of the smaller tasks around the house. This will also help with teaching them responsibility. Try keeping a board around where they can track their progress each week. You can help keep kids engaged while cleaning by incorporating games and challenges. When it comes to doing the laundry, have them race to collect as many items of clothing as possible. Time them to see how fast they can sort by color. This not only helps you out with chores but also will help with their basic math and time management skills. As your kids get older, you can begin incorporating a reward system.

If you feel like your home needs a deeper clean than you can provide it, call Steemer of South Florida. We’ll take care of the dirt you can and can’t see.


All of the regional Stanley Steemer locations are part of a nationwide network.
Each and every home carpet cleaning service is performed in the same manner, so customers know what to expect when they call for subsequent visits by the company’s representatives.
Customer satisfaction ranks very high with this company, particularly when it comes to respecting private property and attention to detail.

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