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Why Every Clean House Should Have a No-Shoes Inside Policy

One of the biggest ways toxins, chemicals and other contaminants enter your home is through the bottoms of your shoes. Studies have shown that people track all kinds of harmful toxins indoors from their shoes that can lead to serious health issues. A no-shoes inside policy is especially important for protecting young children who are especially prone to ingesting dangerous bacteria on the floors. Stanley Steemer of South Florida has been protecting homes from these harmful toxins for decades, and explains some of the details as to why a no-shoe policy will help you keep a clean house.

Just How Dirty Are Your Shoes?

As we go about our daily lives, we are constantly tracking dirt, debris and bacteria into our homes that will settle into grout, hardwood and carpeting. A recent study found nine different species of bacteria on people’s shoes. Included was the bacteria Clostridium difficile (C. diff) which is resistant to a number of antibiotics and causes serious health problems. Furthermore, the soles of shoes were found to contain pesticides and chemicals sprayed on lawns and gardens, which have repeatedly been linked to cancers, tumors, neurological disorders and other ailments. Lead, mercury and gasoline can also be tracked inside the house from lead-based exterior paint and pollutants. The U.S. government has specifically warned of the risk of coal-tar, a carcinogen used in driveway sealants which can be tracked inside from driveways and parking lots.

The Paramount Importance of a Clean House

Keeping bacteria, chemicals, pathogens and other harmful products out and maintaining a clean house is of paramount importance to you and your family’s health. Small children who play on the floor and often put their hands or objects in their mouths are especially at risk of ingesting these harmful particles.

Establish a No-Shoes Inside Policy

A no-shoe policy goes a long way in helping prevent dirt and bacteria from getting onto your floors and carpets while minimizing tedious housework. Teach your family to remove shoes and ask guests to kindly abide by this rule with a no-shoes inside policy. Have a designated area where shoes will go, and start using a pair of clean indoor-only shoes or slippers if you or your family members like to wear shoes inside the house. Make a habit of removing your shoes indoors and you are one step closer to a healthier, cleaner house.

Keep a Clean House with Stanley Steemer of South Florida

For over 65 years, Stanley Steemer has been a leading carpet cleaning service with technicians skilled in safely and effectively removing dust, pollen, pet dander, pollutants and other harmful particles from floors and carpeting. Stanley Steemer will perform a pre-inspection of your carpeting, paying particular attention to problem areas, and use EPA approved hot water cleaning solutions to extract dirt and debris. Stanley Steemer is also the first carpet cleaning service to receive the ASTHMA & ALLERGY FRIENDLY™ certification. When it comes to protecting your family from harmful bacteria tracked inside from your shoes, keep a clean house by contacting the professionals at Stanley Steemer of South Florida at (888) 982-3553.


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