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Easy Cleaning Ideas for Each Room in Your Home

Are you dreading all the work of cleaning your home? Do you want an easier way to make it fresh and organized? There are fun and creative cleaning ideas to make each room in your home clean and organized and takes just minutes to do. Check out some of our cleaning ideas to make tidying your home a bit easier.

Living Room

It’s easy for things to get disorganized, but there is an easy way to quickly pick up the room so your guests don’t see the mess. Take small items, such as movies, CDs or magazines, and store them in decorative boxes or baskets. This adds to the décor of your home and they will easily fit under your entertainment center or coffee table.

Look organized! Try a pretty, decorative tray on your coffee table for holding items like books or remotes. Discard those old magazines and neatly arrange new subscriptions on shelves.

Don’t waste time cleaning and running from room to room. Take all the items that do not belong in the living room and put them in a storage bin. Then put them away at your leisure in less time.

Cleaning up larger supplies like toys and blankets is easier if you can store them in an open top ottoman. This makes your supplies more easily accessible and unnoticeable to your guests.

One other cleaning idea for your living room is to use a dryer sheet to gently clean the blinds of your home or use warm water and a microfiber cloth for shades.

Once your room is clutter-free, vacuum the floors and couch exterior, then dust accent tables, the entertainment center and television screen.


Daily routine cleaning of a kitchen is necessary to prevent grease and grime buildup on your countertops, stovetops and other appliances. Before you start to clean, clear your countertops of clutter and small appliances. The microwave, kitchen sink, coffee maker and other small appliances should be cleaned once a week. Here are a few cleaning ideas for quickly cleaning your kitchen.

Cleaning your oven doesn’t have to be a chore each week. You can spot clean the inside of the oven with a mixture of baking soda, water and dish soap. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe away. Cleaning the oven racks is just as easy. Just allow them to soak in a half of a cup of dish soap with six dryer sheets and hot water. They can soak overnight (or at least for six to eight hours) and then wipe each rack with one of the soaked dryer sheets.

Nothing gets grimier than all that grease on the hood of your stove. Get that sticky dust off by wiping it with cooking oil or mineral oil. Just put a dab on a paper towel, wipe away the grime and use a little warm water with dish soap to wipe off the oil. Clean your stovetop just as easy with a mixture of a half of cup of baking soda and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste. Use the paste on the areas of your stovetop that have baked on grime. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe away.


Everything seems cleaner when your closet is organized. Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the past few months. Categorize and color code by keeping all pants, shirts and dresses together within one category, and then color code each section to make it more easily accessible.

Tidy up the room by folding clothes neatly in drawers and storing non-essential items in cubbies, baskets or bags under the bed. This makes for a neater room and gives you more storage.

Keep your vanity or dresser clutter-free and clean with a microfiber cloth. Organize jewelry on a rod or in pretty dishes to add to the décor of the room.

Finally, clean the bedroom floor by removing any carpeting and then vacuuming and mopping.  Don’t forget you can also vacuum your mattress before you make your bed.


Beyond the basics of cleaning the bathroom there are a few additional easy cleaning ideas to help your bathroom look and smell fresh and clean.

Start with cleaning out and washing cabinet drawers.  Then after scrubbing the toilet, take the toilet brush and drip dry the brush under the seat before putting it in the holder.

Next, it is time to start scrubbing the chrome fixtures in your bathroom. However, with this easy idea, you barely need to scrub at all.  If you want sparkling fixtures, rub them with a lemon.  It not only gets your fixtures sparkling clean but also helps get rid of odors.

Let’s not forget that everyone wants a fresh-smelling bathroom. To make your bathroom smell fresh and clean without using chemical, place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the inner roll of the toilet paper holder.

To save time the next time you clean, keep a cleaning bucket under the bathroom sink so you don’t have to carry items back and forth each time you clean.

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These easy cleaning ideas will make your guests feel welcome and your home more organized, but if you need help getting your home clean, you can always leave it to the professionals.  Stanley Steemer of South Florida can save you time with some of the harder-to-do items in your home. For a cleaner home give us a call today at 888-892-3553, or visit


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