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Cleaning Up After Your Athletes

It’s October, which means you can expect to have a house packed full of football fans as well as kids who are beginning to partake in their fall sports and activities. You can almost guarantee your home is going to be in a season-long battle with odors and dirt. We love seeing our kids running around the game field but bad smells and tracked in dirt is a whole separate ball game.

We at Steemer of South Florida are on your team. We want to help keep your home smelling fresh and feeling clean. Follow these simple steps to ensure your floors stay clean and the odors remain neutralized this season:

Vacuum away all loose dirt that is tracked into your home slowly, being careful not to rub or smear the particles. If you’re dealing with mud, don’t immediately act. Although it may seem unconventional, allow the mud to dry so you aren’t spreading and rubbing the dirt into your carpet fibers.

If you have a stain, attack it. Mix one cup of cold water with ¼ teaspoon liquid detergent (bleach-free). Blot the stain gently; it’s important that you do not scrub the mark or stain. Allow the area to dry, and, if the stain is still present afterwards, you may want to consult a professional cleaning service.

In regard to odors, the best way to reduce heavy shoe odors is by utilizing baking soda. Just pour a little into your little athlete’s sneakers or cleats and allow it to work its magic overnight. In the morning you can discard the baking soda. With sports equipment and uniforms, make sure these items are airing out or being washed directly after use and not being thrown into a pile or hamper.

With the floors cleaned and odors removed, all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the season.

If you need the help of a Steemer professional, call us today! Right now, at Steemer Of South Florida we’ll take $35 off any cleaning service of $150 or more.


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