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Are Your Cleaning Habits Turning Your Grout Black?

Many homeowners love tile flooring for its durability and resilience against life’s accidents and messiness. However, you may find that you are still left with your grout turning black, regardless of how often you clean or how careful you are. Fortunately, we are here to shed some light on what is causing this and how you can prevent your grout from turning black in the future!

Causes of Grout Turning Black

There are a number of reasons why your grout may be turning black from cleaning. The most common cause of this is typically from mopping your tile with too much detergent and not rinsing your mop thoroughly afterwards. Detergent works by capturing dirt and grease on a microscopic level, and when we clean, we mix it with water to make it easier to rinse the detergent away. If you are not rinsing away all of the detergent, it gets stuck in the grout lines along with the dirt that it has captured.

What You Can Do

For the most part, messes on tiles floors can be spot cleaned with just plain water and a paper towel. When your tile floors are due for an overall cleaning, only add one to two drops of disinfectant or vinegar to warm water, rather than loading up a bucket with detergent. This will ensure that there is no detergent left behind after you are done cleaning.

For a Professional Clean, Contact Stanley Steemer of South Florida

If you still find your grout turning black, it may be time to contact the professionals at Stanley Steemer for expert tile and grout cleaning services. We have the experience and tools to get your tile and grout looking brand new, ensuring you are left with flooring that is free of stains, dirt, buildup and contaminants. For more information, watch this video on our tile and grout cleaning services then visit our website or call (888) 982-3553 for your free quote today.


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