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4 Facts About Carpet Beetles | Stanley Steemer of South Florida

Carpet beetles are one of the most dreaded insects and can maneuver themselves into your carpeting, wardrobe, furniture and storage spaces. Not only are these pesky bugs unsightly, but they can also inflict a lot of damage on your home. Stanley Steemer of South Florida explains four key facts that you should know when it comes to preventing and resolving a carpet beetle infestation.

Life Cycle of a Carpet Beetle

Measuring one to four millimeters in length as adults, carpet beetles are oval shaped and have a yellow, black and white pattern coloring. In the springtime, female carpet beetles lay 25 to 100 eggs that hatch into larvae within two weeks. They tend to avoid bright areas, and can mature in a variety of humidity levels and temperatures. Carpet beetles can live up to a year and feed on carpeting, feathers, leather, silk, wool, felt and fur. Since carpet beetle infestations typically go unnoticed for long periods of time, they can inflict serious damage on bedding, clothing, pillows, carpeting and furniture.

How to Spot a Carpet Beetle Infestation

The best way to spot a carpet beetle infestation is through the visible signs of damage they leave behind, such as holes in fabric or furniture. Carpet beetles can be spotted flying toward lights or crawling on surfaces, and they often leave behind their shed skins. Some people may be allergic to carpet beetles or have skin reactions to these unwelcome guests.

Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

After making the unfortunate discovery of these pests, address the infestation immediately by cleaning your home as thoroughly as possible. Detergent and hot water will kill the carpet beetle larvae, so contacting a professional carpet cleaning service will be your best bet in curing this problem. Store wool, leather and fur clothing in sealed garment bags and clean pantry shelves of any open or loose food particles. Good preventative maintenance includes regularly cleaning air ducts and attics or crawl spaces for animal nests or other infestations.

When it May be Time for Chemical Control

After a thorough cleaning and vacuuming, it may be time for a professional sprayer to get rid of any carpet beetles that could be left behind. In most cases, insecticides are not necessary. However, if you want to safely spray repellent for carpet beetles you should contact a professional pest company.

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