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5 Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean When You’re a Pet Owner

5 Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean When You’re a Pet Owner

1) Wipe or Wash Your Pet’s Feet
You can use baby wipes or a warm wet cloth to wipe dirt and debris from your pet’s feet and legs when coming inside. This will go a long way in preventing a dirtier, messier floor. An alternative is to use the washable pet booties that you slip on for your outdoor walks.

2) Brush or Comb Your Pet Weekly
Brushing or combing your pet once a week will help keep their fur fresh and untangled, and it will help you manage all that excess fur before it makes its way around your home!

3) Vacuum Regularly
To keep things under control, vacuum your highly trafficked areas a few times a week. This can be a quick chore that helps maintain a level of clean and makes a more thorough cleaning easier.
4) Use a Lint Roller
What better way to keep your floors clean than to prevent the mess in the first place? A lint roller can be used on clothing and surfaces like lampshades, and also on your pet! There are heavy duty lint rollers now designed to pick up loose pet fur and dander.
5) Professionally Clean Your Floors

Carpets, rugs, tile and hardwood floors all benefit from professional cleaning every six months to a year, leaving you with fresh clean looking floors even with your pet! The deep clean extends the life of your flooring, removes stains, deep seated dust mites, dirt and mold. Staying current with your professional floor cleaning makes your routine floor cleaning easier and faster.
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