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4 Common Cleaning Mistakes We’ve All Made

Whether you rent or own a home, there’s a real sense of accomplishment and peace after a long day of cleaning. But, what if we told you that depending on your cleaning habits you may be doing more harm than good?

Creating the time to start the cleaning process is a challenge within itself, and the last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you’re actually getting the job done effectively. Unfortunately, there are some common techniques and cleaning oversights that can make a long cleaning day go on even longer. The good news is Steemer of South Florida is here to shed a little light on these simple mistakes.

Below are the 4 most common cleaning mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Reusing the same rag or cloth around the house.
    Even when using various disinfectant sprays and cleaning solutions, cloths and relatable items hang on to the dirt and grime from one surface to the next. This means that bathroom germs and bacteria could potentially be wiped onto the kitchen counter and wherever else is touched!
  2. Forgetting to clean the vacuum
    When a vacuum is used over a length of time without being properly emptied or maintained it not only loses its efficiency in suction and overall ability, but it also releases dirt and dust through its vents back into your home. Take the time to empty your vacuum bag or cannister after each use to get the most out of your vacuum and wipe down any vents and excess dirt with a damp micro fiber cloth.
  3. Cleaning from the bottom up
    Cleaning the floors of your home first and then making your way up can often be counter-productive. That’s because once your floors are spotless, any loose dirt and dust thereafter that’s kicked up will fall back to the floor, making your cleaning efforts null. Dust and clean from the top down and then finish off by sweeping and cleaning the floors for an immaculate home.
  4. Placing the toilet brush/plunger back immediately
    Placing your toilet brush or plunger back into its holder right after using it can create a breeding ground for nasty germs and bacteria to fester. Allocating time for the cleaning utensil to air dry before returning to its holder will go a long way in mitigating bathroom contamination.

A clean home is a happy and healthy home! Call Steemer of South Florida for Professional Cleaning help or follow our blog moving forward for tip and ideas on keeping your home spotless.


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