Tile Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and stone flooring requires a lot of upkeep. All of the sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing by hand still cannot guarantee that tile or stone floors will come out looking beautiful and new. Grout lines tend to become dingy over time. No matter how much care a home owner uses in the cleaning process, the grout’s porous texture will cause it to become discolored. That discoloration can make the floors look dirty, even after they have been cleaned. But a tile cleaning from Stanley Steemer can make those dirty looking floors a thing of the past.

Stanley Steemer has the knowledge and experience to get tile, stone and grout looking like new and keep it looking that way. Their expert care, cleaners and tools help to get deep down into the pores of tile, stone and grout to lift out stains, buildup, dirt, and microbial contaminates. Where hand cleaning fails and causes pain, the deep cleaning offered by Stanley Steemer gives excellent deep cleaning results without the pain.

Professional Tools and Cleaning Solutions

An experienced professional will evaluate the floors to determine the right tools and cleaners that will get the job done best. Once one of the professionals from Stanley Steemer have determined what is needed, they put their expertise to work, cleaning tile, stone and grout with the best cleaners and high pressure water. The process is effective, yet gentle on the flooring. The results are beautiful, clean floors that look as good as new.

Tile Floor Clear Coat Sealant

Once the cleaning process had been completed, the technician will apply a clear coat sealant that will keep the floors looking like new. This will also help to make future cleaning easier as the sealant will help stop new stains from forming. There are times where even the best effort and cleaning tools will not be able to remove some deep stains. For those situations, a waterproof color sealant can help to restore the grout.

The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the size of the room, the size of the tile, the amount of staining and whether a sealant is used or not. The floors are able to be walked on again 30 minutes after the sealant has been applied. Care should be taken for 24 hours afterward to make sure no liquid comes in contact with the floors and the sealant has completely cured.

Tips For Proper Tile Care & Maintenance

For the best results, proper care and maintenance is needed. The homeowner should sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping to remove the majority of soil. The best cleaner to use to ensure lasting results is Stanley Steemer Professional Neutral Tile and Grout Cleaner. Harsh cleaners, such as bleach, should be avoided and floors should be rinsed after mopping. Learn more about our certified cleaning.


A: Stanley Steemer uses a high-power rotary brush with high-pressure steam and pressure cleaning to safely remove buildup from deep within your tile and grout. We use specialized cleaners that are gentle yet effective in restoring your tile to like-new condition.
A: We advise that you wait 30 minutes after the tile is cleaned and sealed until you walk on it. The sealant will take about 24 hours to completely cure and dry, so try to avoid situations where your floors can come into contact with liquid for that time.
A: The time it takes to clean your floors depends on the size of the area. The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a single area (up to 300 sq. feet) to three hours for multiple areas or rooms. This also depends on whether or not you choose to have our technicians apply a sealant to the grout after the cleaning process has been completed.
A: You do not have to have the sealant applied, but we do suggest opting to do so. Grout is a very porous substance that easily and quickly absorbs any soil and spills. If grout is not sealed, it will become discolored from all of the dust, dirt and liquids that it comes into contact with. A sealant keeps your grout looking new and free of stains or discolorations.
A: Our technicians are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. What this means is that our cleaning methods are the most effective in removing common household allergens. Even though you can’t see it, allergens become trapped in the pores of your tile and grout and can cause asthma or allergy symptoms. Having your tile and grout cleaned by our certified technicians means 97% of those allergens will be safely and effectively removed, leaving you with a healthier home.
A: Sweep or vacuum your tile regularly, at least a few time per week. Mop once a week with clean, hot water, drying immediately after. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they wear away sealant that may have been applied and eventually harm and discolor your tile. Stanley Steemer offers professional-grade neutral tile and grout cleaner that can be used to keep your tile in pristine condition.