Allergy-Proof Home

Do you suffer from allergies? Symptoms may be caused by allergens that are circulating in your home environment. If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, take the necessary steps to allergy-proof your home. Carpet cleaners at Stanley Steemer have the expertise and equipment to properly allergy-proof home rugs and carpeting that are major hosts of allergens. Professional carpet cleaning from Stanley Steemer is the best way to make sure that all allergens are quickly removed from the home environment, making your home a much healthier place to live.

Thorough, professional cleaning is vital to reducing allergens in the home. Dust and mites collect in the rugs and on the furniture, building up over time and causing severe reactions in those that are sensitive to allergens. Vacuum on a regular basis and hire a professional carpet cleaning service to thoroughly clean your carpets several times a year. This critical step will help you and your loved ones breathe easier.

Not all carpet cleaners can allergy-proof home carpets and rugs. Stanley Steemer has received asthma and allergy-friendly certification. What does this mean to customers? It shows that Stanley Steemer believes in setting the highest carpet cleaning standards. Our deep-cleaning methods remove nearly 94% of the allergens embedded in the carpets in your home without the use of harsh chemicals that would aggravate your symptoms further.

All our customers can rest assured that we are the best source for removing the allergens from their homes and providing a much healthier living space for their families. Are you or someone in your home suffering with an allergy condition? Get your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned for overnight relief. Isn’t it time that you scheduled a carpet cleaning appointment with Stanley Steemer? Visit one of our local stores or surf the site for more information.