Hollywood Florida Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer ducts are one of the most neglected parts of your home. After hundreds of loads of laundry, your dryer ducts are filled with lint and debris, which can be incredibly dangerous if your dryer ducts are left unattended. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission there are an estimated 15,500 fires started by dryers a year in the United States.  The financial losses due to these fires are in the millions, and many people have died because of them.

Dryer fires occur because as lint accumulates in your dryer ducts, air circulation decreases. The decreased air circulation causes heat to become trapped in your ducts, and lint being highly flammable, makes this environment an easy place for a fire to begin. For homeowners in Hollywood, dryer duct cleaning is the easiest way to prevent this common household frier.

There are many tutorials online with instructions on cleaning dryer ducts, but because of the complicated nature of your dryer duct system and the importance of having clean ducts you should rely on a professional.  Our technicians have years of experience and know how to safely and efficiently clean your dryer ducts. They are trained to be able to spot warning signs and make sure that your dryer duct system is working at the highest possible efficiency.

For more information on Hollywood area dry duct cleaning call us at (888) 982-3553 or contact us online. Our technicians can offer you a free quote, or answer any questions you might have about dryer duct cleaning in the Hollywood area. Duct cleaning from Stanley Steemer will keep your home safe and help your dryer run better.