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How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Your Carpet

Oh no! A red wine spill on the carpet? Don’t worry — there is a way to get it out, especially if you act fast. Here’s what you’ll need: A few clean white towels Baking soda Vacuum cleaner Spoon (metal or plastic) Cold water Liquid dishwashing soap Hydrogen peroxide Ok, now that you have your… Read more »

Are Your Air Ducts Making You Sick?

As our nation grows increasingly health conscious, the link between air duct cleaning and Indoor air quality (IAQ) is becoming more apparent. Many people are unaware of the possible dangers of breathing dirty indoor air. According to the EPA, Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors! This means that the quality of indoor… Read more »

What is Mold and is it Harmful?

What is Mold?     Mold serves an important role in nature by breaking down dead organic matter like leaves and trees. Mold exists both indoors and outdoors, especially in humid climates such as South Florida. Most mold types are non toxic and pose no threat to your health. However, some molds can be extremely… Read more »

5 Fall Cleaning Tips from Stanley Steemer

5 Fall Cleaning Tips from Stanley Steemer With the summer ending and fall rolling in, it’s the perfect time to give a little seasonal cleaning reminder. While we always remember to clean our floors and counters, there are plenty of things that we as business and homeowners may overlook. With these 6 fall cleaning tips,… Read more »

Tips for Flood Clean Up in Your Home After a Storm.

After a storm, there are many matters to be concerned with to get your home and life back to normal. Above all, safety is the most pressing concern, followed by damage to your home. Many storms leave extensive damage, and flooding is just one of them. When your home gets flooded, flood cleanup can seem… Read more »

Why Does Grout Turn Black and What Can I Do About It?

You loved how fresh and new your tile looked when you moved into your home, but now your grout looks old, dirty and like it’s turning black. Some people may think that they haven’t cleaned their floors well enough but there could be a couple of reasons why your grout could be turning black. Fortunately,… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Upholstered Furniture

To keep your upholstered furniture in the best condition possible, it requires cleaning upholstered furniture can ensure it is in the best condition possible. There are a few simple steps that will help to lengthen your upholstered furniture’s lifespan and keep it looking like new. Fabric Selection and Protection When purchasing upholstered furniture, it’s important… Read more »