Wellington Upholstery Cleaning Company

Beautifies and Restores Furnishings

Furniture appearance helps determine the first impression of a home or office. No one understands this better than Stanley Steemer, a first-class upholstery cleaning company in Wellington, FL. Trained staff perform detailed inspections of each piece of furniture before applying appropriate cleaning treatments. These treatments remove dust, dirt, stains and debris like food, bacteria and human and pet hair. Furnishings are then deodorized for a fresh, clean scent.

Stains, dust, dirt and cigarette smoke discolor and darken furnishings making them look old and worn out. Food particles left in the cushions or wiped on the arm rests and seats leave a sticky mess. The sight of dirty, discolored furnishings or sitting in these furnishings make visitors feel uncomfortable. Overnight guests may have an unpleasant experience or cut their stay short due to uncleanliness. Furniture treated by Stanley Steemer, a professional upholstery cleaning company in Wellington, is not only cleaned and deodorized but also strengthened. Their cleaning process removes debris that breaks down upholstery fibers over time and ages furnishings.

Customers and patients may also decide to take their business elsewhere if an office’s furnishings appear dirty and grimy. Dirty furnishings offer a bad impression of the staff and office in general. Busy offices in Wellington will benefit from Stanley Steemer’s regularly-scheduled upholstery cleaning to keep their décor looking and feeling like new. Customers comfortable in the waiting area, lobby or main office are not prompted to hurry their appointments. Office employees will achieve more success with clean, pleasant-smelling furnishings surrounding them as they conduct business.

Stanley Steemer is the upholstery cleaning company Wellington residents and business owners choose to clean and restore furniture to its original beauty. Their services are performed in homes, apartments and offices on a regular basis or before and after parties and other special events. The final result of Stanley Steemer’s upholstery cleaning is furnishings to display with pride instead of embarrassment.