Upholstery Cleaning Company Boca Raton FL

Stanley Steemer is the upholstery cleaning company serving Boca Raton to contact for dingy or dirty furniture in commercial offices and residential homes. Highly trained technicians perform thorough inspections to determine the appropriate course of action for furniture and upholstery that needs cleaning. Stanley Steemer uses cleaning products made especially for certain fabrics that will not harm the surface of the upholstery or furniture. They understand that certain materials like leather require special cleaning to prevent brittleness and cracking. The final result restores the original beauty of the piece without harming the fabric.

Furniture purchased to decorate a home or office can be expensive, so it should last for many years. Dirty, dingy furniture can make guests uncomfortable in a home or turn away clients and customers in offices. Hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company in Boca Raton like Stanley Steemer maintains clean, fresh smelling furniture that always looks like new. Thorough cleanings performed by knowledgeable professionals remove stains, food particles, dust mites, pet hair, dander and bacteria that often accumulate over time. Without regular cleanings, this debris breaks down upholstery fibers and ages furniture. Once beautiful décor is then tainted by unappealing furniture.

Contact Stanley Steemer of Boca Raton for the most effective upholstery cleaning services. Over-the-counter products can damage upholstery over time leading to more frequent replacement of the furniture. The experienced furniture and upholstery cleaners at Stanley Steemer provide a thorough cleaning with long lasting results. Furniture is also deodorized and sprayed to protect surfaces from future dirt, dust and stains. Professional service people provide better, safer results versus furniture owners attempting to do it themselves.


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