Tile and Grout Cleaning Lake Worth

Tile and stone flooring becomes dingy and dirty over time due to a buildup of dirt and debris. Tile and grout cleaning in Lake Worth by Stanley Steemer restores shine and beauty to these surfaces. The professional cleaners at Stanley Steemer know what products and tools to use to get the most effective, lasting results for Lake Worth businesses and residents.

Many homeowners and business owners try the do-it-yourself method by purchasing a newer mop, squeegee or other cleaning accessories. They may also buy the latest new-and-improved product on the market to clean their floors. However, these efforts will only clean the surface and not deep clean within the flooring pores where dirt and grime reside. The most common mistakes laymen make when cleaning their tile and grout are using harsh cleaning agents like bleach, not sweeping the floor before mopping and not rinsing the floor with clean water afterward. It is also time-consuming, messy and exhausting work.

Pores in grout lines attract a buildup of dirt, grime, debris and other contaminants after a while. This causes grout lines and the flooring to appear discolored and soiled. After an initial evaluation, Stanley Steemer experts use the highest-quality products and high-pressure water tools to loosen and remove this buildup. A protective clear sealant is then applied that only takes 30 minutes to dry. Color sealants are used on stained grout to restore its color. This protective barrier also makes cleaning easier in the future.

Call Stanley Steemer at 888.982.3553 to schedule tile and grout cleaning in Lake Worth. Their knowledgeable technicians provide gentle yet effective cleaning at affordable prices. The end result is flooring that looks like new and is easier to maintain. Having Stanley Steemer do an annual or semi-annual tile and grout cleaning is highly recommended, especially in homes and offices with lots of foot traffic.