Strict Air Duct Cleaning Guidelines Followed By Stanley Steemer In Sunrise, FL

There are many companies who do not follow the strict standards of duct cleaning Sunrise, FL set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Commercial offices and residential homeowners who hire these companies cannot be sure that the job has been done properly. Stanley Steemer is an NADCA member company that adheres to these guidelines and staffs Air Systems Cleaning Specialists who have been certified by the NADCA. They also receive ongoing training in the latest techniques and standards.

Stanley Steemer makes and uses its own specialized equipment approved by the NADCA. Technicians also take before and after photos showing the remarkable results of their services. There is no mess left behind in the home or office after the job is done.

Cleaning HVAC airways is more than just removing registers and cleaning what duct work can be reached. Trained Stanley Steemer professionals begin with a thorough inspection of all areas of the system from the unit itself to each register. The owner is advised of the extent of the cleaning required. Next, powerful portable and truck-mounted vacuums suck out any debris blocking the ducts. Various types of agitating equipment dislodges any stuck materials. Compressed air is then forced through the air ways to loosen any stuck pollutants for the vacuums to catch.

This service also includes a detailed inspection and cleaning of the heating and cooling unit itself. Technicians check blower motors, evaporator coils, heat exchangers and other mechanical components that may be thickly caked with dust and grime. If necessary, these parts are meticulously cleaned allowing the unit to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Commercial business owners and residential homeowners should contact Stanley Steemer for duct cleaning in Sunrise, FL. Doing so improves the quality of air and removes harmful pollutants that may cause breathing difficulties. This also prevents future costly repairs of the HVAC unit itself.