Stanley Steemer: Professional Miami Air Vents Cleaning Company

Many residential homes and commercial offices experience dust problems. Having the ducts cleaned by a professional Miami air vents cleaning company like Stanley Steemer would greatly reduce this problem. Trained and certified technicians inspect, clean and desensitize the entire HVAC system from the registers to the unit itself. Air vents should be cleaned every three to five years or yearly if those living or working in the structure suffer from health conditions or allergies. Cities like Miami are breeding grounds for mold and mildew due to the high humidity. A hazardous blockage is created when combined with dust in the air vents. Particles break loose and invade homes and commercial buildings causing many health problems.

Homes with pets or smokers tend to have more contaminants in the air and the duct work. In Miami and all of South Florida, air vent cleaning should be performed after purchasing a home to rid ducts of any pet debris, smoke, toys, small critters, feces, mold, dust or other contaminants that may have made their way into the system. Having this service done after a remodeling project in the home or office removes any paint, drywall or wood dust and debris resulting from the repairs.

Cold air return registers suck the cold air into the home or business along with any dust, dirt, dander and other debris. This causes more dust as the HVAC system filters and recirculates the air throughout the structure. A lingering, unpleasant odor also arises that can be embarrassing to homeowners or business owners and staff.

Contact Stanley Steemer for Miami air vent cleaning for homes, offices or business store fronts. Professionally cleaned ducts lead to numerous benefits like healthier air quality, better air flow and improved efficiency and longer life of the HVAC system. There will also be less dust on the furnishings and a clean, pleasant smell when the unit is operating at peak efficiency.