Miami Dryer Duct Cleaning

Why is Dryer Duct Cleaning So Important?
There’s no question that the businesses and home owners in Miami are fastidious about cleaning and safety. Stanley Steemer is their choice for dryer duct cleaning. Anyone who has ever had the scary experience of a dryer fire can tell you how important it is to insure your dryer is lint free. With the numerous types of lint collectors in dryers, none as yet, have been able to stop the occurrence of lint clogs or lint fire. There’s a mechanical design reason for this. Most dryers are built to tumble clothing dry. In order for lint to collect, the lint collector is designed to be located nearest the drum opening. For some dryers, the lint collector may be located on the door or at the base of the opening.

Keep Dryer Ducts Clean
Commercial dryers are the most difficult to keep clean. In many Miami area laundromats, hospitals and restaurant facilities, these dryers are built for heavier loads. Generally, these commercial dryers build up lint much faster than those built for home use. Today’s home dryers are sized nearly as large as commercial dryers. This increase in the size of a home dryer adds to the problem of keeping dryer ducts clean. Stanley Steemer provides a thorough deep cleaning of dryer ducts and their duct outlets. The duct outlets vent to the outdoors. When dryer ducts clog at the base, the outlets clog also. That’s when it’s time to call on Stanley Steemer to keep dryer ducts clean and safe.

Don’t Risk a Fire Emergency – Get Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning
The frequency of use of dryers also increases the chances of lint clogging dryer ducts and outlets. To get the most comprehensive cleaning, contact Stanley Steemer today. Visit for a complete listing of Stanley Steemer’s services.