Duct Cleaning Plantation, FL

As years pass by, homeowners and business owners often become aware of an unusual odor coming from their HVAC ducts. This is caused by a buildup of dust and debris in the duct work and the unit itself. Stanley Steemer performs duct cleaning Plantation, FL to remedy this problem. Trained and certified technicians start with a thorough inspection of the entire unit and everything connected to it. Pollutants are removed after a detailed method of cleaning, desensitizing and deodorizing all areas of the unit. This leaves fresher, cleaner air that is forced through the ducts into the building.

Duct work collects dust, pollen, smoke, dog and cat hair and dander. Even small animals like birds, mice and rats can find their way and become trapped in ducts. Fecal matter and decomposing bodies left behind are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Mold needs moisture, darkness and warm temperatures to grow. Any leak in the system will turn into mold over a period of time causing major health issues for residents or employees. All of these pollutants emit a dusty, dirty smell throughout the structure as the air is forced through the vents.

Homeowners and business owners who try to clean out the ducts themselves can only reach just barely into the vents. They are also unable to check blower motors and coils that may be caked with dust and grime. Damage needing costly repairs could result if they try to access duct work without the proper tools and knowledge.

It is more beneficial to hire professional duct cleaners who perform thorough inspections and cleaning procedures. Duct cleaning Plantation, FL is accomplished by employees who have passed the rigorous training and certification tests of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). These professionals have years of experience in this field and strictly adhere to the guidelines established by this association.