Duct Cleaning Miramar

Reduce Dust Accumulation
Every residential home and commercial office collects dozens of pounds of dust each year. An estimated 40 pounds of dust is collected by the average six room home from things like pillows, cushions, clothes, curtains and furniture alone. Factoring in dust and dirt that comes from outside, the weight becomes astounding. If the problem is not addressed, dust and allergens will continuously spread throughout the inside of the building. Stanley Steemer offers professional duct cleaning to Miramar residents to put their minds at ease.

Dust particles may be microscopic but can cause major health problems, especially for those who are allergic to dust and dust mites. Those suffering from breathing problems, skin ailments or heart conditions can also be greatly affected. Stanley Steemer performs duct cleaning in Miramar on furnace ducts and dryer vents in residential homes and commercial offices. It is especially important to have these areas cleaned and desensitized for buildings with carpet or those that have been recently remodeled. Homes with pets, smokers or constantly ill family members would also benefit from professional duct cleaning.

The process is performed by trained Stanley Steemer technicians who inspect, clean and desensitize all areas of the HVAC unit and duct work. Professional cleaning equipment like soft brushes, air hoses and vacuums complete the task without causing any damage to the work areas. Ducts cleaned on a regular basis promote healthier, fresher air with fewer pollutants.

Contact Stanley Steemer for duct cleaning in new or older homes and businesses in Miramar. The buildup of dust cannot be completely eliminated, but the amount can be greatly reduced by professional cleaning performed regularly. Employees and customers in businesses and residents in homes will appreciate and benefit from the cleaner, healthier environment after Stanley Steemer services are completed.