Duct Cleaning Davie, FL

HVAC units in residential homes and commercial offices should be inspected every year. Doing so ensures the smooth, efficient operation of the system. Duct cleaning Davie is another service that should be performed every three to five years. This prevents potentially harmful pollutants from accumulating in the duct work and emitting into the building. This affordable service is accomplished by trained and certified Stanley Steemer duct cleaners in a timely manner.

Dust is a problem in every home and office no matter how often cleaning occurs. Clogged ducts and registers are breeding grounds for dust mites. These parasites are too small for the eye to see. Males live almost three weeks, and females live up to ten weeks. They lay up to one hundred eggs in the last half of their life. Instead of drinking water, they absorb moisture found in the air. Therefore, areas with higher humidity like Davie have a greater chance of dust mites in their homes and offices.

Approximately 40,000 dust mites live in one ounce of dust. They often invade carpeting, furniture, pillows, mattresses and bedding. Their presence causes allergies and breathing problems like asthma. They can be extremely difficult to remove unless a professional company like Stanley Steemer is hired to do the job.

The procedure starts with a thorough inspection of the airways, registers and the entire ventilation system including all moving parts. All mechanical components are meticulously cleaned. Each section of duct work is cleaned with soft brushes and powerful vacuums. From start to finish, everything is also desensitized and deodorized.

Contact Stanley Steemer for duct cleaning Davie for continued good health of family members or employees. Knowledgeable technicians certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) follow their strict guidelines. They are reliable personnel working for a reputable company that has exceeded customer expectations for countless years.