Cleaning Services Palm Beach

Cleaning Services – Palm Beach

Palm Beach is an exciting place to live or visit and residents enjoy an active lifestyle. Stanley Steemer understands their desire to have more free time to take advantage of all that Palm Beach living has to offer. Both full time and part time Palm Beach residents rely on Stanley Steemer, the top cleaning service in South Florida. From air duct cleaning to tile, grout, furniture, upholstery and carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemer offers the widest range of service.


Stanley Steemer, Full-Service Cleaning Expert

Palm Beach residents are always delighted with the wide range of cleaning services Stanley Steemer offers. Household chores like tile and grout, carpet and air duct cleaning take time away from the Palm Beach lifestyle. Stanley Steemer offers affordable, reliable, cleaning services that have made this company a nationally recognized name.


Water Damage Repair and Extraction Services

When water damage is a problem, Stanley Steemer excels at extraction and repairs. This is comforting to know for residents of the Palm Beach and South Florida region. It’s also convenient for regular Stanley Steemer customers to know they can rely on expert service to assist with water damage and extraction problems.


Clean Carpets Refresh a Room

Stanley Steemer has built its reputation on reliability and quality. Helping customers keep carpets clean has always been one of the most popular services offered by Stanley Steemer. Clean carpets refresh a room and keep mold and mildew at a minimum in humid climates like Palm Beach. This is an important part of residential and commercial maintenance that should be done regularly by Stanley Steemer professionals with state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment. Carpets with higher foot traffic should be cleaned more often.


Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Furniture and upholstery absorb odors like carpets do. Stanley Steemer offers cleaning services to keep furniture and upholstery sparkling clean. Visit to review additional details.