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Cleaning Services in Delray Beach

Since 1989 Stanley Steemers has specialized in air duct and carpet cleaning services in the Delray Beach area but those are not the only cleaning services we offer. We can clean anything from your new leather recliner or the vintage hand-me down rug in your living room. Whatever your needs, Stanley Steemer has the cleaning service for you.

We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services in the Delray Beach area. Our specialists can make your office or home look and feel brand new with our complete selection of cleaning services. In South Florida dust and dirt can build up all over your home especially in carpet, upholstery and air ducts. It’s important to schedule regular cleanings to ensure your air conditioning system is running smoothly.

Water damage is never easy to fix, and most cleaning companies only take care of the surface water when Stanley Steemer does more! Our specialists make sure your hardwood floors or carpets are dry thouroughly and spotless all the way to the last floor board. Our high pressure cleaning service is great for tile and grout cleaning. No more scrubbing the floor with Stanley Steemer. We guarantee your tile and grout will sparkle.

Owning a car, RV or boat is great until it comes to cleaning, but Stanley Steemer offers cleaning and detailing services for the tightest nook and crannies. No more lost toys or hard to reach stains, you will have the cleanest car or boat in Delray Beach.

Cleaning is our thing and at Stanley Steemer we off a wide variety of cleaning services for any of your needs. All of our cleaning services are done by professional specialists and will leave your house, car or office spotless. Contact your Delray Beach Stanley Steemer today for affordable priced cleaning services