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Cleaning Services In Boca Raton

Have a tough stain or dusty air conditioner vents? It’s time to put the toothbrush and dust buster down and call your nearest Stanley Steemer. We specialize in commercial and residential cleaning services and were the first commercial cleaning service to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Dirt and dust mites won’t stand a chance with regular cleaning services in your home or office.

HVAC and air duct cleanings are one of many services we offer. It is important to schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning at the workplace and at home to ensure you are breathing quality air. Dust and dirt are the source of many human allergies, so we make sure to clean every vent and rug in your home or office until it is spotless. Furniture cleaning has never been easier with Stanley Steemer. Leather couches and upholstered furnishings will always look as good as new because we provide the best cleaning services in Boca Raton.

When first installed hardwood floors and tile look great; but after a while, they begin to lose their color and shine with daily foot traffic. We offer cleaning services for hardwood floors, tile and grout which are hard to clean without a keen eye. We go above and beyond for our customers by adding pre-treatment solutions for tough carpet dirt and stains, and also apply a clear, stain-resistant sealant on your grout.

Our cleaning services in South Florida extend to cars, boats and RVs. It’s important to get your favorite means of transportation clean and detailed to maintain its quality and life span. A great way to prepare for a summer family vacation is to make sure your car or RV is clean and safe to hit the road. And our seafaring customers know they can count of Stanley Steemer to keep their boats in shipshape.

We have been providing cleaning services in South Florida since 1989 and are the best in the business. From Boca Raton to Miami or anywhere in between there are specialists on call 24 hours a day ready to make your home or office sparkle. Contact your nearest Boca Raton Stanley Steemer for quick, effective and affordable cleaning services.