Even with regular vacuuming, carpets and rugs will require professional cleaning in order to remove all of the dirt and allergens that accumulate. The residue from dry chemical cleaning tends to attract more dirt. Steam cleaning has long been the recommended method, but the traditional methods can take hours to dry. However, Stanley Steemer’s advanced steam cleaning method leaves the carpet slightly damp to the touch, which means you can walk on your carpets in clean socks, slippers or rubber soled shoes.

No matter how thoroughly you sweep, mop and scrub, a tile floor is going to eventually look dated and dingy, largely because of dirt embedded in the grout lines. Natural stone floors are porous, and over time, dirt works its way down into the pores. You will think you have a new floor after we finish extracting all of the built-up dirt out of your grout lines and stone surfaces. Our deep cleaning process is effective, yet gentle, and our clear coat sealant will keep the floors looking new and protect them from new stains.