Decrease the Air Pollution in Your Home With Duct Cleaning

Air pollution might not be at the forefront of our minds, but it impacts our everyday lives. Smog, dust and debris collect in the atmosphere, and because of that, we breathe in millions of particles of both harmless and harmful debris every single day.

We are not safe from air pollution even inside our homes. You may think that once you have closed the door and stepped inside, you are away from all the smog, dirt and chemicals that are in the air outside. What you may not realize is that there can be an abundance of air pollution in your own home. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the level of air pollution inside your home can often be two to five times higher than the level of air pollution outside your home. Indoor air pollutants are a serious concern because most people spend as much as 90% of the time indoors.

Dirt and dust collects in air conditioner vents and in the ducts of a home. Your ducts can collect many pounds of dirt and debris. Millions of dust mites can live in this dirt, and when you turn on the air conditioning system, you are effectively spreading this pollution throughout your home, making air pollution just as much of a problem inside your home as it is outside.

Stanley Steemer has an effective and thorough process for duct cleaning. Our vacuums are specialized to dislodge and remove dirt from your air ducts, and funnel it into our truck, effectively removing it from your home. An air duct cleaning from Stanley Steemer will help you decrease the amount of air pollution in your home, make the air you are breathing healthier, and help your air conditioning system be more efficient.