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Flooring: We’re known for carpets but we clean every type of flooring under the roof.
  • Hardwood
  • Marble, Brick, & Other Natural Stone
  • Tile & Grout
  • Area Rugs
  • Fine & Oriental Rugs
  • VCT & Linoleum Flooring

Daily care and maintenance may not be enough to protect against normal wear and tear on hardwood floors. Sweeping and mopping can only remove so much of the dirt and embedded grime. These floors start to appear old, dirty and dull no matter how much scrubbing you do. Hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing brightens your rooms and removes all those particles that are trapped just under the surface.

There are various ways available to refinish your hardwood floor. A popular method used is called “sandless” refinishing. This process strips away all the old finish and removes the embedded dirt that causes the discoloring and lifeless appearance of your flooring. A new finish that is at least equal to a factory finish is applied. The result is a comparable hardness and quality seal to protect the beauty and appearance of your hardwood.

Minor flooding can sometimes cause expensive repairs. This problem can sometimes be corrected with a complete sanding job and resealing process. This will remove all the dirt, mud and grime entrenched in the cracks and crevices of your home or business. Repairing, replacing and resealing the floor following a flood is often necessary. Handling this process quickly allows for quick turnaround time and provides property owners the peace of mind necessary during this rough period.

Regular care and maintenance of hardwood floors lengthen their lifelong use and the value they add to your investment. Hardwood floor refinishing is an important maintenance step because it removes the dings and scratches that occur with wear and tear over time. This keeps your home or business looking professional and appealing. It enhances the luxury of a bright, clean atmosphere that is truly enjoyable and relaxing.

Refinishing is an affordable option that prevents the necessity of a complete floor replacement. This process allows rooms to be completed quicker and easier without the hassle and time involved in long drawn out flooring replacements. The various tones and shading choices available offer a quick change of scenery without purchasing expensive hardwood flooring.

Saving time, money and stress with a newly cleaned and sealed hardwood floor is an advantage for all property owners. Whether it is regular maintenance, renovations or disaster recovery, keeping your investment in shape is an important responsibility. Increase the value of your property while taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of the hardwood floor refinishing specialists.


A: We first use an alkaline cleaning solution combined with a high-speed rotary brush that effectively cleans and extracts dirt and debris from deep within the cracks and crevices of the floors. Technicians use squeegees and powerful vacuums to trap and remove any leftover dirt and cleaning solution. This process is followed by the application of a neutral cleaner that restores the pH balance and puts the shine back into your floors.
A: After your floors are cleaned, Stanley Steemer can apply a fast-drying maintenance coat that extends the life of your floors while preserving their cleanliness and shine.
A: Hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned every six months to one year. The frequency of professional cleanings varies and depends on the volume of traffic your floors receive, in addition to other factors (whether you have pets, asthma or allergies, etc.).
A: To maintain your hardwood floors, follow these guidelines: vacuum or sweep them regularly (at least a few times a week but ideally once a day), immediately clean up any spills (including water), place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas and keep the temperature and humidity levels in your home consistent to avoid swelling or shrinking.
A: All of the hardwood floor cleaners we use are non-toxic and low-odor, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering odors or having to ventilate any areas of your home. Stanley Steemer is also certified allergy and asthma-friendly, ensuring our cleaning methods are safe and remove more dust and allergens than other cleaners.