Air Duct Cleaning in Miami by Stanley Steemer

Professional, Affordable Air Duct Cleaning in Miami

Do you have trouble staying cool in South Florida? Stanley Steemer is proud to offer Miami residents and businesses professional and affordable air duct cleaning to ensure they have the coolest, most efficient air conditioning possible. Not only will your AC work like a breeze, but your indoor air will be allergen free. Fill out the contact form now to get a quote or keep reading to learn more about the air conditioning related benefits you can get with air duct cleaning by Stanley Steemer.

Air Duct Cleaning Makes Air Conditioning More Efficient

In Miami, not only does your air conditioning have to overcome the heat, it has to overcome the dust build-up associated with the humidity, as well, which is why Stanley Steemer recommends an annual air duct cleaning. As humid air and moisture travels through your HVAC system, it traps dust particles and clings to your air ducts, causing them to become less efficient. The rooms in your office or home will take longer to become cool and you could be stuck sweating.

Air Duct Cleaning Makes Air Conditioning Healthier

The heat and humidity in Miami accelerates bacterial growth, and air ducts can be a trap for not only dust and debris but micro-organisms, as well. Along with bacteria, dust mites can cause allergic reactions.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found the indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted compared to outdoor air! The World Health Organization (WHO) also estimates that 3% of all global disease is due to poor indoor air quality. By keeping your air ducts clean, you’re making your air conditioning healthier.

Air Duct Cleaning Reduces the Cost of Air Conditioning

Regular air duct cleaning helps to reduce the costs associated with the heavy air conditioning that’s a must in Miami. Because your ducts will be cleaner, they will be more efficient, as mentioned above, and your electricity bill will go down. Battling the Miami heat makes air duct cleaning a necessity for cheaper air conditioning.

Not only will you be reducing your energy bills with regular air duct cleaning, but you’ll save money by not having to replacing parts or even your entire HVAC system. Over time, the dust build-up in air ducts can cause damage, and they will require costly repair or replacement sooner than if they had been well maintained. Living in Miami means that your AC will be exposed to high heat and humidity that’s detrimental to your air ducts’ durability; you can get regular air duct cleaning by Stanley Steemer to start saving money today.

As mentioned above, poor indoor air quality can cause health problems. By removing allergens and bacteria from your HVAC, Regular air duct cleaning could potentially help you save on medical bills associated with poor indoor air quality, as well. Ask the Stanley Steemer team about more of the health benefits you could be getting with regular air duct cleaning.

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